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Auction Rules


A+ Towing auction. Auction preview is between 8:00 am to 9:00am on the day of the auction. Bidding Begins promptly at 9:00am. All bidders must sign in at office before the start of the auction. If you don't sign up for a bid number or do not have a registered bid number on file you will not be able to bid. We will not tolerate anyone removing items from any vehicle prior to auction. If you are caught removing items from vehicles, appropriate action will be brought against you. A+ towing is not responsible for any items stolen from vehicles. 

Bidders must be 18 years or older.

All bidders are required to leave a 100.00 dollar cash deposit and have valid drivers license to receive bid number The 100.00 dollar cash deposit is held as a security deposit and will be returned back to you after the vehicle that you purchased is removed from the property. The 100 dollar cash deposit cannot be used towards the purchase price of the vehicle you bought.  

All Auctions Vehicles Have a starting bid at $50

You will be able to remove the vehicle from the property until 5:00 pm the same day you purchased the vehicle. Any vehicle left behind will be charged storage rate until picked up. 

The close of the Auction

At the close of the auction all bidders are asked to proceed to the office to pay in full immediately after the auction. Bidders will be in default if not paid 1 hour after auction closes. Any bidder who defaults on a vehicle will lose the deposit and will not be allowed at future auctions.

Forms Of payment

We Accept CASH and Debit cards, Visa Mastercard AMEX, We also accept  APPLE PAY.  SORRY NO CHECKS!

Auction Vehicles Are Sold As Is! NO WARRANTY! Express or implied.

No Dumping of debris or fluids. What contents are purchased stay with the vehicle. We do not loan tools! If you need a tow that can be arranged with the office.

Management reservers the right to ban any person or business from any auction!